Wednesday Morning News

Boy killed for his bike CST


was the first day of summer vacation -- cool, not too hot -- a perfect

day to hang out with buddies on the block and flirt with the girls.

Chicago Public Schools student slain; 27th since last fall

Chicago Tribune


was the 27th Chicago Public Schools student killed in violence since

last fall.

Obama talks about high college costs in Michigan. Text. CST

Remarks of Senator Barack Obama Town Hall on College Affordability

Former Bears player pleads guilty to role in CPS fraud

Chicago Sun-Times

Monahan Landscape, in Arlington Heights, mowed lawns for all of Chicago's public schools.

In Chicago, talking sense to angry young men with gunsChristian Science Monitor

... works on some of Chicago's most ruthless streets, steering young men away from violence and toward jobs, schools, drug treatment, and more stable lives. ...

Michelle Obama blocked University of Chicago hospital plan to test new vaccine on Chicago area black high school girls. CST


Obama, on leave from her job as a vice president of community affairs

at the University of Chicago Medical Center, is profiled in the

Wednesday New York Times with some stunning details about a hospital

proposal to use Chicago...

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