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Budget's winners and losers Clout Street - Chicago Tribune Blog

After more than a month of finger-pointing over state

spending, public schools and the Illinois State Police are emerging on

what is a short list of winners in the budget battle....But Blagojevich axed money for laptops as well as $148

million in long-promised construction money for Chicago Public Schools

and more than 20 suburban and Downstate schools.

Southwest Side high school needs cash to stay alive Southtown Star

For nearly six decades, Luther High School South officials have managed to open the doors of the school on Chicago's Southwest ...

Reloading the data on violence Chicago Tribune

... broken schools, broken homes and economic despair. Also, I'm living proof that handgun bans don't work. Handguns had been outlawed in Chicago for three ...

Obama Addresses the National Council of La Raza Washington Post

So I reached out to community leaders -- black, brown, and white -- and formed coalitions on issues ranging from failing schools to illegal dumping to ...

9-Year-Old Girl Assaulted, Murdered Tribune

Lyons (no relation) lived with her mother

in Addison most of the time and was an honor student Stanley Hall

school in Glendale Heights.

The American Federation of Teachers Elects New President WBEZ

Alexander Russo explains the implications of the election of a new head of the American Federation of Teachers.

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