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Woman stole from school, cops say Tribune

The former head of a Chicago charter school forced to close because of

financial mismanagement was charged Tuesday in federal court with

stealing thousands of dollars from the school to go on spending sprees

in high-end stores like Marshall Field's, Saks Fifth Avenue and Elan


Tuition Rising At City Colleges Huffington Post



Colleges students can expect to pay 10 percent more on their tuition

bills starting this summer. The increase is the first in two years,...

Study Finds Drama and Music Can Improve Reading Skills WBEZ

A new study says using music and drama in the schools can help teach kids to read.

Illinois Schools On Uneven Field In These Times

At New Trier High School in the North Shore suburb of Winnetka, close to $17000 is spent per student. Meanwhile, some Chicago schools struggle to break ...

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