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Schools' efforts for bilingual students questioned

Medill Reports, IL -

Chicago schools have sought to

overturn the consent decree on two previous occasions, in 2004 and

2006, with little success. Tuesday's session focused on ...

Barriers to College Attainment: Lessons from Chicago

Center For American Progress, DC -

A critical goal of the research project in the Chicago schools is to understand where students encounter difficulty and success as they navigate the college ...

Wanted: Real men to inspire reading

Houston Chronicle, United States -

In Chicago, said Chicago schools spokesman Frank Shuftan, the program began in January 2007 with 300 volunteer mentors in 39 schools. ...

School closure protest could draw hundreds, organizers say



Grassroots Education Movement is protesting a CPS plan to close about

20 schools. Organizers say parents, teachers and students aren't

included in the district's planning process.

Programming Note: Catch me on Eight Forty Eight this morning, where I'll try and explain why Huberman -- and BEW -- aren't the right choice for CPS.

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