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Classroom Cop

Ron Huberman walked the halls at Julian High School on Chicago's South Side one day in late March. Students were loitering in the lobby, wearing caps backward and sideways. The place was dirty. Even the clocks were wrong. Huberman, the new school chief installed by Mayor Richard M. Daley, did not like what he saw. He promptly moved to fire the principal.

Was Alex Arellano in a Gang? Does it Even Matter? CLTV


Arellano’s family members and police insist that the 15 year old was a

good kid who was not into gangs. But pictures of Arellano on his

MySpace page tell a different story. They show Arellano proudly

displaying what appear...

Innovation, high expectations could boost reading Catalyst

A recent study points toward one area

where innovation is long overdue: reading instruction for struggling

minority students....

Keeping kids safe: Suburban crossing guards receive recognition Medill Reports


was a day in the spotlight for Illinois crossing guards.

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