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Gambling on the Future Chicagoist
Now that Blago's $7.6 billion tax plan has crashed and burned in the state legislature, he's doing a total 180, embracing expanded gambling in Illinois
to try and cope with a state budget that is in serious trouble...Of course no budget deal in Illinois would be complete with out a
side of pork. But don't worry, it's in there. 2% of revenues generated
would go to Emil Jones's favorite local charity, Chicago State
University, giving the institution a potential $40 million windfall,
doubling it's take from the state.

Parents, students: CPS proposal on wrong 'track' Sun Times
More than 200 parents and children marched outside
Hurley School Tuesday, denouncing plans to put the mostly Hispanic ...

Year-round school has parents, kids walking out Tribune
Patrick Rocks, general counsel for the Chicago Public Schools, said he is confident the civil rights complaint will be found to be without merit. ...

Idea with merit: Give good teachers raises Sun Times
But an experimental merit-pay program Chicago Public Schools will introduce in 10 schools this coming year holds the promise of meeting that challenge. ...

The Black Watch Defender
However, the 12 years I spent as a "Chicago Public Schools" teacher throughout the late 1870s until 1986 was no "walk in the park". It was during this time, ...

Police officer puts a spin on ‘to serve and protect’ Defender
He said more positive role models are needed, especially for Chicago Public Schools students, and set out on a journey guiding them toward productive lives. ...

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