Wednesday AM News: Teachers Union, Elite Schools, P.E. Options

Ex-union chief seeks job back Tribune
The former president of the Chicago Teachers Union announced Tuesday that she will try to regain her leadership role this spring, assailing the current president for her "silence" on sweeping Chicago school reforms that have cost the union hundreds of teaching jobs.

More vying for Chicago's top schools Tribune
Samuel Mensah won a chance to compete this year for something he always wanted but feared would be unattainable--a shot at one of the coveted 2,700 seats in Chicago Public Schools' eight elite high schools.

Batavia schools offer more P.E. options Batavia Sun
Some Batavia High School students will earn credit next year for bowling and rollerskating at Funway amusement center. The Board of Education has approved two proposals drawn up by Katie Keller, chairman of the Physical Education Department, to relieve overcrowding in the school's athletic facilities.

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