Wednesday AM News: Special-ed, Drama Teacher, College-Level Courses

Special-ed changes at the 'expense of children'? Daily Southtown
The girl started the school year in a general-education class and now is being pulled out for individualized lessons for most of the day. This one-on-one attention has made a difference.

The Company man calls it quits Chicago Journal
For over 20 years, he's been in charge of all things theatrical at Whitney Young. And after almost 24 years, he's set to retire when the school year winds up in June 2007.

College, high school unite Tribune
Concerned that students at North Chicago Community High School don't know enough about college and aren't ready for it when they get there, the College of Lake County has formed a partnership with the school.

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  • I am disturbed by the CTUs lack of involvement in Special Education especially at this critical time. Until this last election, the Special Education Committee has been active and open to everyone. Now, I know that the committee has been meeting periodically but it is a closed group and what is discussed at the meeting is not shared with the membership. I have been to several meetings during this critical period in SPED with the cutbacks and proposed changes in state regs and no one from the Union is attending the meetings. Where are they?

    I know that they include some information on their web site and in e-mails but it is limited and not what I would expect from an Union which represents all teachers.

  • I also was a member of the Sped union committee before Marilyn Stewart became president. Now I am a delegate and I can observe things in a different manner. I suggested that the Sped committee be open to everyone interested.

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