Wednesday AM News: Sherman, School councils, Anti-drug program, Band leader retires

Sherman School Update WBEZ
Students at the new Sherman School of Excellence begin their final week of ISAT tests today. Most of them know their school has a dismal record on the state standards test.

The Power of the Local School Council WBEZ
For more than a month, a standoff between the popular principal of a Southwest Side high school and the elected body that oversees the school has played out in the press.

Officials reconsider anti-drug program Tribune
Wheaton will reconsider its participation in the drug education program after several dozen teachers, students and parents this week voiced their support for it.

Band leader putting coda on long career Tribune
With its photos of trips to Disney World, yellowed newspaper clippings and array of instruments, the band room at Elgin High School is a symphony of memories for music teacher Dean Leff. Even an old tuba reminds Leff of a football game in 1986 when he commanded the attention of a typically indifferent crowd. Without missing a beat, he choreographed a halftime show with a single tuba player who deliberately marched in the wrong direction.

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