Wednesday AM News: Gun incident, Limiting charter schools, Student runs for school board, Recess, Daley's educaiton funding, Victim returns

*Update* Ex-schools official sentenced for taking bribes Tribune
A former operations manager for Chicago Public Schools was sentenced to 20 months in prison today for taking $1,000-a-week bribes to hand out fencing and snow-removal contracts to a politically connected contractor.

Boy charged as adult in school gun incident Tribune
A 15-year-old student at Chicago Vocational Career Academy has been charged as an adult in connection with a gun that accidentally went off in the school Tuesday afternoon, wounding himself and another student.

Why limit the number of charter schools? Tribune (commentary)
Lawmakers clearly got the message last month when charter public schools were under attack by the backers of a measure that would have stopped high-quality charter public school campuses from opening in Chicago's struggling neighborhoods.

High school senior turns class project into candidacy for school board in Evanston Tribune
His resume is thin, though maybe no thinner than those of other high school seniors: two years as a camp counselor; a few months behind the cash register at Hecky's World Famous Barbeque. But what Jacob Novar lacks in experience, he makes up for in understated enthusiasm.

Bringing Back Recess WBEZ
State Representative Mary Flowers wants Illinois kids to get at least two ten-minute breaks in the school day.

Daley coalition tackles education funding reform Sun Times
For 18 years under four governors, Mayor Daley has lobbied to shift the burden of education funding away from property owners and toward sales and income taxes.

Shooting victim returns -- to this Sun TImes
Khiry Cobb, a sophomore at Chicago Vocational, was shot in the parking lot in March after leaving an after-school driver's education class. Despite his fears, he returned to school for the first time Tuesday. So imagine his mother's concern when she learned two students were shot inside the school Tuesday afternoon.

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  • I agree with Mayor Daley that the problem is there has been no strings attached to increased funding, but what I'd like to see is specific rules that will impact classroom learning. Things such as there will be no more than 22 children per K-6 elementary school classroom, there will be no more than 25 children per 7&8 grade classrooms. Students who disrupt shall be sent to alternate schooling environments. There shall be an upper limit of 10% of the total budget that can be spent on non-school administrative staff.

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