Wednesday AM News: Graduation Rates, Green Buses and Turkeys

Follow-up leads kids to graduate, expert says Sun-Times
Following up preschool with extra help throughout childhood significantly boosts the odds that poor kids will graduate high school and live a crime-free life, a new study by a Nobel Prize-winning University of Chicago economist finds.

School Buses Going Green NBC 5
Chicago Public Schools and Falcon Transportation said they're converting 27 school buses to O2 Diesel, an ethanol-diesel blend, from diesel fuel.

School lunch plans lose out on turkeys Tribune
Schools that get turkey from the Agriculture Department are having to turn elsewhere this year for Thanksgiving lunches for students. There's not enough for the lunch program that feeds 29 million kids.

Race still divides U.S., census says Tribune
Decades after the civil rights movement, racial disparities in income, education and home ownership persist and, by some measurements, are growing.

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