Wednesday AM News: Funding Target, Disability, Malcolm X

Fund for schools reaches $15-million target Crain's

The Chicago Public Education Fund has reached its $15-million target for its second fund, meant to bolster recruiting and rewards for Chicago Public Schools.

My Child WBEZ

Chicago writer Carolyn Alessio remembers learning about her childs disability.

Frustrated by math, student stabs her teacher: cops Sun Times

A 51-year-old Malcolm X College instructor who was demonstrating a math problem on her blackboard Tuesday was stabbed in the back by a student who apparently became frustrated with the exercise, authorities said.

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  • I can't imagine a school with no case manager. That means that the SPED teachers must be spliting the job between them!!!!! My understanding is that the principal has the right to tell the counselor that they must be case manager and since yours is leaving--this may be a good time to do so. I also know of schools that hire retired SPED teachers out of Chapter 1 money to do the job. I know that I would be happy to come into a school 2 to 3 days a week and do the job. It would be better than what you have now.

    I can't imagine ISBE taking funds from an individual school either but I can imagine them penalizing the district as a whole and forcing the Board to intervene.

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