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Tax hike, job cuts offered to fill school budget hole Sun Times
The biggest set of job cuts in at least a decade were packed into a new
Chicago public school budget unveiled Tuesday that axes more than 2,000
jobs, raises property taxes 3.4 percent and trims even Mayor Daley's
pet projects to plug the worst deficit since Daley's 1995 school

School budget calls for 2,000 job cuts Tribune

Public Schools formally released one of its most dire budgets in a
decade Tuesday, a $5.3 billion spending plan that eliminates more than
2,000 jobs and slashes programs for special education and high schools.

CPS proposes $55 mil. tax increase Sun Times
The nation's third-largest school district on Tuesday proposed a $4.7
billion budget for 2007 that would increase property taxes and slash
spending for some programs to help overcome a yawning deficit.

Also, there are lots of comments and questions about the budget can be found here

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