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City dangles prizes to lure kids to school Sun Times
Chicago Public Schools with the biggest attendance gains will win
tickets to sporting events, appearances by pro athletes and other
prizes, under an incentive plan unveiled Tuesday to boost attendance on
opening day.

CPS flunks new home of charter school Sun Times
With 225 registered students and 15 hired teachers, Global Alliance Preparatory Charter is set to open Sept. 5.

Popularity of specialty sports camps on the rise Tribune

afternoon last week in San Francisco, Amanda Weber, the mother of Jake,
a scruffy haired 12-year-old, was shopping for dehydrated lamb curry
and other meals for a family camping trip in the Sierra. Jake was in
the car, sulking. Instead of hiking trails, he wanted to do what has
become de rigueur for many young athletes in the summer: attend a
sports camp and boost his game a notch.

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