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Two who beat honor student sentenced
Two former Kennedy
High School students were sentenced to 18 months of court supervision
Tuesday for their role in an attack against a senior who was so
traumatized by the incident he transferred to another school months
before graduating.

Authorities seek youths who vandalized school Tribune

As many as a dozen youths broke into a high school late Monday on Chicago's West Side and vandalized it, police said.

Campaign aims to give homeless students school supplies ABC7
Almost 11,000 students in the public school system are classified as
homeless. At the McCutheon Elementary School Tuesday, school board
president Rufus Williams kicked off a campaign to help those kids get
the school supplies the need.

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  • Since I was on staff at the Corey H. Monitor's Office until May 12th I can tell you that 7:12 am is wrong. There is no national refferal rate used as part of the Corey H. Monitoring process.

    In fact the ISBE field monitors have repeatedly cited the CPS for failure to identify students pursuant to the Child Find provisions of IDEA. Now the question is what is being done to correct the situation?

    First, the CPS compares schools to an average referral rate for the system. The ISBE has indicated that this is not a problem. The problem was according to ISBE reports that when a school went beyond this average by I seem to recall 5% it blocked case managers from entering new students for evaluations in the computer system. The CPS claims it did not do this,it just sent a warning to schools according to OSS, the ISBE does not accept that, and most teachers do not accept that either I think.

    Clearly this is illegal and both the ISBE and the Monitor have advised the CPS of this fact. The problem is enforcement not that no one knows that there is a problem. The other big issue is the failure of the CPS pre-refferal intervention system.

    Rod Estvan

    Access Living

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