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SAT scores notch 1st drop in years

on the SAT college entrance exam dropped sharply this year, with the
2006 graduating class posting the most dramatic decline in test scores
in more than three decades, according to data released Tuesday.

Medicaid cuts could sap schools

districts nationwide could be squeezed even harder on their
special-education expenses under federal proposals that threaten to
wipe out Medicaid funds for disabled low-income students.

 Texting is focus of teacher's trial

messages containing explicit sexual references--among hundreds
allegedly exchanged between a Prospect High School choir instructor and
a female student--figured prominently Tuesday as the former teacher
went on trial on charges of criminal sexual abuse.

School is sued in girl's death

family of a 1st-grader who died at her Lincolnwood school filed a
lawsuit Tuesday alleging that teachers and administrators
underestimated the 7-year-old's symptoms and delayed getting her
adequate treatment for half an hour before her heart stopped.

Exercise is on the upswing at many schools
Love it or hate it, prepared for life vs. scarred for life, probably no
other class in American education looms larger in memory than physical

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