WBEZ Staffs Up for Expanded Education Coverage

I was talking to BEZ education god Jay Field this AM and the good news from Chicago Public Radio is that the station is going to expand its education coverage in the new year, in part by
adding staff and pulling folks onto the education beat. 

Field_1Based on what I heard, Jay (top/right) will continue to provide his usual excellent daily reporting on K-12 issues, along with some expanded enterprise reporting to dig deep and give the big picture. A mystery staffer is going to be dragooned into the fold, covering higher education. Mcevoy

But that's not all.  Julia McEvoy
(right) is going to be the new education and humanities editor, in addition to
the work she's already doing producing Chicago Matters -- which this
year is about education.  Hi, Julia! Einhorn

In a pinch, they can always make former Catalyst intern Catrin Einhorn do some education reporting. She's off covering other things, of course, but  they always seem to drag her back to schools once or twice a year.

Of course, their efforts will be hampered somewhat by my presence on Eight Forty-Eight, where I hope to continue to serve as a regular contributor and occasional month in review guest. 

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