WBEZ Misses the Politics Behind LVHS Referendum

I was glad to hear Jay Field's Little Village piece on WBEZ this morning, but surprised that it repeated the charge that some of the hunger strike moms were upset and surprised about the mixed-community boundary lines for the school -- which I don't think is the case.   

As you may recall from this post (Hunger Strike Imposter Helps Senator Sandoval Fool Dailies), the hunger strike moms all knew that not everyone from LV would get to go to the new high school, and organizers said that they had no idea who was standing up with Martin Sandoval to express concern.

Isn't this really all about political opportunism on Sandoval's part, and political alliances and rivalries within the Hispanic community?  If so, I wish that'd gotten some attention in Field's piece.  If not, well then I'm wrong again. 

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