Water Main Break At Sumner

CPS wants everyone to know that classes will resume at the old Sumner building for all students -- Sumner and KIPP Ascend too. A water main broke at the new Sumner building, flooding the basement and first floor, forcing KIPP to send kids home and moving Sumner kids around. They thought about moving kids over to Pope, which is empty, but then changed their minds.

Read presser below for a fuller explanation -- and remember to let us know if something like this happens at your school. Leave a comment, send a text (312 286 9242) or send an email (district299@gmail.com) to let us know the latest. People want to know -- no reason to wait until the next day's papers or have something go unreported to the rest of the education community.


Sept. 29, 2008

Classes Resume Tuesday For ALL Sumner, KIPP Ascend Charter Students

Classes for all students of Charles Sumner Community Math

and Science Academy and KIPP Ascend Charter School will resume tomorrow


School will open on its regular schedule at the old Sumner

building, 715 S. Kildare, for all Sumner and all KIPP students. Severe

flooding caused by a water main break occurred in the basement and

first floor at the newer Sumner building located at 4320 W. Fifth Ave.

Sumner comprises two buildings, one older than the other, and shares

space in the older building with KIPP. The break affected only the

newer building.

Prekindergarten through third grade Sumner students and

KIPP students are usually taught in the older building. Sumner students

in grades 4-8 are taught in the newer building that was the scene of

the flooding.

Bottled water and hand sanitizer will be provided for students and staff at Sumner.

At 5:26 a.m. today, CPS Emergency Control Center was informed of a water main break at 4320 W. Fifth Ave.

Because of the situation, KIPP Ascend cancelled classes for

the day and sent students home. All Sumner students who showed up and

remained in school were moved to the older building and instruction

took place throughout the day. About 40 percent of Sumner's usual

student population remained in school.

Crews worked throughout the day to find the source of the break, shut off the water main and pump out water.

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