Water-Boarding High School Principals

Just about two weeks after they were first mentioned here, WBEZ's Jay Field has a segment on the "Comstat" meetings that have been taking place downtown with all high school principals, including principal Norman from Senn saying he was OK with the process and Clarice Berry from the principals' association saying that many others weren't so happy being "interrogated." (Interesting. Do you think they're allowed to water-board?)

Anyway, you can listen to or read the transcript <a href ="http://wbez.org/Content.aspx?audioID=16391>here</a>. I've heard from a variety of folks about the mixed value of the process, which has been tried in several other cities. But I haven't yet seen the document that every principal had to submit or the list of data that was being used to measure school performance -- and we'll have to see whether the meetings result in real (and effective) changes at schools.

Anyone been in one of those meetings who wants to comment (or email me) about what it was like? Anyone heard from their principal that "things are going to change" as a result? Here's the previous comments about the process, which I originally called "Walk-Throughs For Principals."

UPDATE: Sorry. The correct link is here: http://wbez.org/Content.aspx?audioID=16391

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