Was It The Best Year Ever?

So it's finally over, school year 2007-08 -- at least mostly. Looking back over the past nine months, what do you think? Was it the best year ever, or the worst? I mean for you individually, not just for the system. Or, was it just the same as every year before it?

For me doing this blog, it was a pretty good year over all -- thanks in

large part to those of you who read and comment on it. Hard to believe

that this is the second year that I've done the blog from Brooklyn, and

nine months or so since Catalyst became its sponsor. I really like that there are things you learn here that

you wouldn't learn elsewhere -- Dore, Washington HS, Ravenswood, etc.

I still feel like

this is a great forum for people to talk about their experiences and

insights about Chicago schools, though sometimes I'm frustrated at the lack of

specificity and detail that people provide even when they're commenting

anonymously. And of course I wish I had done more reporting of my own. Still, overall a good year, with high hopes for the next.

Here's a good place to share your thoughts about what you did (and didn't) get out of this last year, whether you're a parent, teacher, student, or administrator. Again, try and focus on your individual experiences -- we talk all the time about the system as a whole.

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