Wanted: Documents, Links, Emails, First-Hand Accounts

I just finished doing a short end-of-school segment on Vocalo, Chicago's new collaborative radio station, with my friend Dan Weissmann, and at roughly the same time came across this post from Mediashift (a PBS blog) about "Collaborative" Radio, which sounds like an audio version of what we're doing here on District 299. 

My initial reaction is that for collaborative media to really work, readers have to be willing to share information as well as opinions and analysis.  Right now, the facts (such as they are) come mostly from the press and the researchers.  In a perfect world, readers (collaborators) would provide more information -- documents, emails, things they've seen and heard -- to go along with their opinions.  I've learned a ton of things reading this blog, but the tidbits of real live information come here and there.  What do you think it would take to get folks to write in more directly about things they know or can share?

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