Want Integration? Blend City, Suburban Districts

Activists in New York are proposing a new, blended attendance system for the New York metropolitan area as an antidote to increasing segregation in city schools, according to this New York Sun article (Activists Revive Idea of Blending Students From City, Suburbs):  "School districts are man-made," a professor at Columbia University's Teachers College, Amy Stuart Wells, said. "They're not laws of nature, even though we act like they are."  Wilmington, Del., and St. Louis, Mo., pool urban and suburban neighborhoods into the same schools, Ms. Wells said."

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  • Does anyone remember that this was part of Dawn Clark Netsch's education plan? Fred (G. Alfred) Hess headed her educational platform which called for the breaking down of the barriers between city and suburbs.

    It was her failed candidacy that led to educational reform becoming the third-rail of Illinois politics.

  • But note George that in those 'burbs the school board is elected by the whole school district and runs the whole school district, even though that typically only involves one school. Chicago's inane system involves only residents in the neighborhood of the school, inexplicably preserves spots on the LSC for parents of students, and are typically elected with tiny vote totals. This decouples the ideas of the taxpayers run the schools because someone in Little Village is paying for the schools in Roger's Park but, apparently, has no say in how those schools are run. By limiting the reserved spots to parents, it determines that only those with children in the system have skin in the game even though the entire populace benefits from a good school. That is why I oppose LSCs, because I do not see them as democratic institutions. However, I don't just want them eliminated, I want a real school board elected that has real powers and complies with the IL laws regarding sunshine and transparency.

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