Waiting For Year 2 Test Scores From Sherman

Back in 2006, there was lots of media attention given to Sherman Elementary School (WBEZ here, for example). Two years later, check out this Chi Town Daily News story about the turnaround efforts: At S. Side school, evaluating turnaround proves tough. Scores have only gone up a little since the turnaround began two years ago (6 points in '07, no data given for '08 yet I guess), but lots of other good things seem to have happened.

There was a lot of chatter about school discipline problems when it all began -- the new principal and staff couldn't deal with the kids, etc. I don't know what happened to that. And of course many will argue that raising test scores isn't hard with new staff and lots of new funding. I wonder how the 2nd year went, though, and what if anything CPS and AUSL is doing differently with its other turnaround schools based on the Sherman experience.

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