Waffling On Vouchers Cost Obama Ohio

Obama_3Did Obama's back and forth about vouchers cost him the Buckeye State?

There's absolutely no real evidence of that. But that won't stop me

from making it up. Otherwise there's really no big education angle at

all to Clinton's big comeback in Texas and Ohio last night. And that

would be sad.

Made-up scenario: Obama initially refuses to close the door on

vouchers, but then makes a last minute attempt to paint himself as a

big opponent as opposed to a curious critic. Ohio teachers and other

labor folks smell something fishy and stick with or switch back to

Clinton (thanks in large part to unreported "push" polling on the part

of the NEA), keeping the state in her hands.

Need more? For recent details on the Obama voucher thing in Ohio that aren't made up, go here: Obama's "Outspoken" Opposition to Vouchers (Campaign K12).

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