Vouchers For CPS?

While it might seem right now like we're a long way off from a voucher program in CPS, the rest of the country isn't (Milwaukee, Ohio, Cleveland, Florida, and various other targeted/tax credit programs).  The political landscape on vouchers has changed, as has the legal environment.  As a result, not everyone is as opposed to it as you might think. 

This includes a CPS teacher who wrote in to me the following:  "I am a new CPS high school teacher, and I favor
school choice, ONLY if it doesn't increase the
gap between poor-student schools and rich-student
schools, and keeps the religious content low
(I am on the fence about vouchers for catholic

As far as I can tell, the Milwaukee, Cleveland,
and Florida programs are only for low income
students, so that sounds OK, so far. The best
way I can imagine to run school choice would
be to require all recipient schools to accept
any student regardless of payment, and hold
them to the same standards as other schools
on explusion."

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  • 4:30,

    Sounds like a nice world, where you can ask for more parental accountability and actually get it. It's not the world we've got though. Some of these children come from seriously messed up families with real problems. As 4:51 says, what is the school supposed to do, expel the children? How is that going to improve things for that family or for society at large?

    On the other hand, is it asking too much for parents to have the option of Charters that do ask for more participation? In other words, why is it not OK for parents to choose for their children to go to school with other children whose families are serious about education as long as there is no racial impact?

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