Vouchers, Charters, Obama -- Oh, My!

15debatestatic2_600There was a funny little moment at the end of last night's Presidential debate in which Barack Obama and John McCain argued over whether DC chancellor Michelle Rhee supported vouchers or not.

Obama brought up the DC schools system reforms as something he supported, and McCain interjected that Rhee -- she was never mentioned by name -- also supported charters. Obama corrected McCain, suggesting he meant charters, not vouchers. McCain insisted (transcript here, see video too at the 1:24 mark.).

What's the scoop? Well, McCain wasn't as wrong as Obama thought. Late last night, Rhee's office released an explanation that says Rhee doesn't oppose vouchers -- she's taken no official position -- but doesn't think they'll solve the city's problems, either.

"While Chancellor Rhee hasn’t taken a formal position on vouchers, she

disagrees with the notion that vouchers are the remedy for repairing

the city’s school system."

This reminds me of last summer, when Obama was being pestered by reporters to clarify his position on vouchers.

Rhee “Hasn’t Taken a Formal Position on Vouchers” City Paper (DC)

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