Vote Now For This Singing Group Charter School Expansion

Perhaps this has been done before, but the folks at Urban Prep Charter are hoping to increase their chances of getting approved for additional schools by having folks sign onto an electronic petition in support of their efforts:


we prepare our final proposal and continue with this comprehensive and

arduous application process, I’m hoping that you will be willing to

help us in the following ways: 1) Sign the electronic Petition to Replicate Urban Prep; 2) Write a Letter of Support for Urban Prep; 3) Take our online survey if you are the parent or guardian of a boy/young man under the age of 18; and 4) Forward this e-mail to friends, family, colleagues and others who you believe would support our replication efforts."

The new efforts would be in South Shore and East Garfield. The current school is in Englewood. Apparently they received 600 applications for 150 spots this year.

Questions (a) Do design teams often do this? (b) Does it matter to the folks who review these applications how many people have signed a petition? (c) Do South Shore and East Garfield Park need another school to choose from? (d) How come the promo pics all look like they're album covers for an cappella singing group?

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