Vitale's Revenge, Part 2

In what may well be a follow-up to last year's prank Boston Consulting Group reorganization plan (aka "Vitale's Revenge"), here's the latest Report On District Core and Support Strategies (PDF) from the CPS Office of Strategy and Planning, sent to me by a little birdie.  It's 36 pages of where things stand on instructional, human capital, and other efforts, full of charts and graphs. 

Some especially notable moments, according to the little birdie, include page 14's discussion of Broad Fellows' insufficient backgrounds, nothing about the new SIP process, and some misinformation about the old principal qualifications.  What else?  Let us know.

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  • First off I would like to thank Mr. Russo for posting this interesting document. This appears to be no April fools joke, unless the joke is on parents of students with disabilities. Then it is indeed a very cruel joke.

    We here at Access Living take particular note of the following comment appearing on page 4:

  • The scores for disabled students are they broken down for types of disabilities? I mean a blind student, a deaf student, a profoundly mentally challenged student, and a bevorially disordered student will all have significantly different challeneges and need significantly different support in order to score well on these tests.

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