A bunch of folks (see below) seem to think that GROW is GONE, either cuz it didn't work or because ITBS is gone.

But that doesn't mean that CPS isn't still spending money. Now there's IMPACT and SchoolNET, about which I know nothing though I'm told it's being tested in just a handful of schools at a cost of $8M.  Is that right?  Is IMPACT really a $40M initiative?

Meanwhile, over on the assessment side, whether or not Harcourt keeps the state ISAT contract, there's lots going on with formative asssessments in both reading and math.  A friend in the business tells me that the two efforts mean almost $9M for Harcourt from CPS over three years.

Here are the comments from before -- anonymous and unverified:

"If you re-run the tape from the January board meeting, I believe, GROW
was the program that Barbara Eason-Watkins told Board Member Rufus
Williams that CPS was using to analyze data to improve instruction. Did
she lie?"

"I think GROW was powered by the ITBS scores. And our kids don't take
ITBS anymore (hurray). AND the data was old, once it got in to
teachers'/families' hands-- way too old to use to improve instruction.I'd guess that we'll be told that our "new" GROW is Learning First--
3 times/year tests to let us know how gr. 3-8 kids are doing on
Illinois Reading Standards 1 & 2 (and all the little sub-standards
under them). And it's published by our friends/enemies at Harcourt

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