Vallas' future here is uncertain

"At a recent private meeting on the future of the Philadelphia School District's chief executive, one School Reform Commission member said the district might be ready for a new leader - a "bureaucrat" rather than a "messiah," says this story from the Inquirer Vallas' future here is uncertain.  "But it remains uncertain whether that musing by one of the five members on the district's governing board will lead to a once-unthinkable upheaval in leadership at the 178,000-student district."

UPDATE:  At a readers' request (see below), here are some other articles about Vallas that I may not have posted in the past few days:

 Editorial | Realities have redefined construction goals
they started talking about school construction in Philadelphia, Paul
Vallas and his team were like kids at an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Editorial | Discipline still a concern
the education that children get in Philadelphia public schools is not
just about standardizing curriculum, buying textbooks, or bringing in
the ...

Editorial | Intervention shows no one strategy fits all
Alcorn Elementary School is tucked away in a tough corner of South
Philadelphia. The first thing you see when you enter the ...

Is it now Vallas' turn to be shoved out?

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