USDE Lets ISBE Omit 82K Kids' Scores

While educators have continued to grumble and complain about NCLB's rating system, the state -- with the USDE's approval -- has, according to an AP report out today, let the law turn to Swiss cheese. 

Under a loophole meant to prevent diverse schools from being more likely to fail meeting AYP, tens of thousands of kids' scores have been exempted from NCLB calculations.  It sounds OK on a school by school basis, but over all, 82,000 kids' scores in Illinois were
exempted (over half of them black and Latino), and in Chicago 35
percent of the kids at one school (Audobon Elementary) were not counted.  Not a pretty sight.

Go to Yahoo! news if you want all the online goodies.  There's not just a main story showing nearly 2 million exempted scores nationwide, but an interactive table
where you can see state, district, and school statistics as well as
little video sidebars.

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