Unionizing Charter School Teachers

Union leaders in Chicago are undertaking new efforts to work with charter school teachers, according to a new article from Catalyst.  And they may start with the big boys.  "More than half
of the approximately 900 Chicago charter school teachers and
instructional aides work for these three operators [United Neighborhood Organization, Youth
Connections and Chicago International Charter Schools]," according to the article (Updates).


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  • If female teachers have had such remarks directed toward them that is an issue best handled by a sexual harassment suit--not joining the union.

    I like this idea. This is how the union should approach charter schools (rather than trying the short cut of going through the legislative branch of government)--pursuasion. Simply try to pursuade the Charter school teachers to join a union. It could be they'll take the union up on the offer. It could be they'll turn it down. Maybe some charters will go union and others won't.

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