Union Update

Teachers union: That raise won't be enough Sun Times
The Chicago Teachers Union came out charging Wednesday evening, saying
a deal announced this week of 3 to 3.5 percent yearly raises for
non-teaching Chicago Public School workers isn't enough for teachers. 

CPS Teachers May Strike If No Contract Negotiated CBS2
Chicago Public School students may get an extended summer vacation if
their teachers go on strike. The teachers' contract expired earlier
this year, and now there's talk of a possible walkout.


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  • Victor,

    Why not simply see what happens, address whatever issues you feel are important in a factual, dispassionate, and rational way? I don't understand the desire to engage in wild speculation based on fairy dust assumptions of what must or must not happen.

    I admire your passion, and while I believe unity is of vital importance at this time, I still see room for healthy debate. But the rhetoric is a little much.

    Maybe I'm wrong, but it's my understanding that CTU leadership doesn't ask us to strike, but rather the House of Delegates votes for a referendum which then decides whether or not the membership supports or does not support a strike.

    If it goes to a strike referendum and it is rejected, I believe it will not result in the destruction of UPC, but of the entire Union before my teaching career is over. But that's probably another discussion for another time.

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