Union Calls Contract Meetings For Delegates

2007_08_typoThe CTU leadership must be a little worried about how their proposed contract is going over, because now they're announcing new information sessions for delegates about the proposal's health insurance provisions today and tomorrow at 4:30. (Earlier this week, the union sent out a "clarification."

From the CTU:  "Due to the fact that we do not feel the that delegates were able to get all the infomation they needed on the contract, the CTU will hold two Information Sessions.  If you are one of the delegates who feels they would like to attend, please email: conniethorpes@ctulocal1.com."


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  • 10:56

    (noticed a grammer error - can't stand it - must correct)

    If you're going to end your post with this parenthetical statement that fails to follow any of the laws of grammar, punctuation, of capitalization, I think you can find a way to let a grammar mistake go...I no I kan.

  • You know, I noticed it, too. A 5 year stint as a new copy proofer has, unfortunately, ruined me for life when it comes to spelling, grammar, and semantic mistakes. Had I known that later in life, a medium would come along that allowed people to read the raw thoughts of others, perhaps I would have passed up that job.

  • On the subject of proofreading...here's what was officially posted on the CTU web site regarding the "informational" meetings.

    Due to the fact that we do not feel that the delegates were able to get all thE information they needed on the contract, the CTU will hold two Information Sessions. If you are one of the delegates who feel they would like to attend, please email: conniethorps@ctulocal1.com

    Strunk's Elements of Style clearly state to capitalize the E in thE...

    this just typifies that lack of professionalism and care that has been taken in this entire process. Typos in the e-mail to clarify a contract that delegates passed, though apparently they couldn't understand any of it and need two new meetings to clarify that which they've already approved...Sweet.

  • Sigh. Having "thE" instead of "the" is a typo. Getting the starting date wrong on a contract is not a typo! It is an essential mistake, same as striking dental and psychiatric insurance. You guys need to insist that you get a cleanly written contract that at least gets the important details (work conditions, dates, duration of contract, benefits) correct before you vote on it! Your union should at least be capable of that for Pete's sake.

  • Cermak-

    I'm 40 years old and this is only my fourth year in CPS...I worked for years in a variety of different jobs, and I can tell you that if I posted a message on any of our websites that had such an easily correctable mistake and it sat there for hours, uncorrected, I would have gotten my ass chewed out.

    As much as teachers complain about not being taken seriously as professionals, it is this sort of thing that they need to nip in the bud. You start accepting mistakes like this on your union's website, you will start seeing the same lack of care and detail in your contract...oh wait...we have that now.

    It's just like dealing with students, if you start allowing sub par work to be handed in, you will find a lot more sub par work come your way.

  • loserboy,

    I wasn't actually trying to criticize your post, I agree, that kind of error is ridiculous and indicates a lack of attention to detail. My point was that no one should assent to a contract that has incorrect essential information just on someone's word that the incorrect information is a typo. At the least, the error should be struck, corrected, and notarized. Essential information, at the least, should be corrected in the copy on which you vote.

  • Chaos-

    Then why have it in the contract at all?

  • September 06, 2007 at 01:27PM,

    loserboy clearly articulated his thoughts on why this is important to him in his post on 05 Sept at 10:15pm. The CTU website is an official entity representing the union. As such, the website should be proofread and free of obvious typographical errors. How would you feel if the union newsletter delivered to your door was poorly written?

    Blogs are different. Blogs allow people to share raw thoughts and are not expected to be thoroughly proofread. They are considered to be more conversational in tone, with the same allowances allowed in informal discourse.

  • Can you compete with a 5th grader...

    It's Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader...DUH!

  • 1:54

    There's a difference between an official announcement on an organizations website and a comment on a blog.

    The point is that mistakes like this are endemic to the way the union treats its teachers.

    If a TEACHER'S union, can't even bother to proofread something that goes out to its members, why should my students' bother? Why should they follow a separate set of rules than the teachers?

  • Actually I'm making up a test right now for my 8th grade class, refuse to use the ones in the books...but you are entitled to your opinions.

    If you think you are better than your students, or if you think you are entitled to live to a different set of standards, that's your business, but where I'm from I expect the same from my peers, as I would expect from my students. Accuracy, honesty, and a sense that we are in this together.

    I no longer get that feeling from the union...luckily, I get it from the teachers at my school and from my students. You keep thinking you're better than everyone else...me, I'll keep hoping the union can live up to the same standards that I set for my 13 year olds...

  • 1:54

    And don't overlook what Alexander Russo has posted in HIS headlines and lead-in copy on a professional "EDUCATIONAL" site.

    This is a blog...A BLOG...it can be filled with mistakes...

    The Union website is a professional site sponsored by a group that makes 25 million bucks a year, and it shouldn't be filled with ANY mistakes. It's their job...it's what they do...

    This is a BLOG, for fun, information, discussion.

    That's a site that has millions of dollars behind it.

    Learn the difference. Follow the money.

  • A very high ranking teacher's union official told an equally high ranking official from another Chicago union that "Its a done deal. The contract is going to pass one way or another." Sounds like a lot of my fears are going to be reallized.

    This sounds a lot like the Florida vote in the 2000 election...

  • Skalinder-

    I agree, but it's almost as though the Union has intentionally put us in this position.

    As I look back on the whens and hows of the delegate vote (the Friday before a holiday weekend), the distribution of the contract to members, having informational meetings for the delegates after they had already voted on the contract, living up to less than 5% of their campaign "promises"; it seems as though the state we are in was unavoidable...and that's just plain sad.

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