Two Takes On Professional Development Days

Two different perspectives on PD days -- read and feel free to share your own.

Professional Development Day Marshfield Tattler

By about 10 this morning I could hear

Peter Pan and some of the Brady Boys playing soccer. At about noon I

took a lunch break and as a result, my neighbor Daniel got a little

pre-high school professional development, too.

You know you work for CPS when ...Chicago Teacher Man

  • The parking lot is half-empty 15 minutes before the day begins.
  • You decide

    to walk around the building and discover that several of your friends

    aren't even here. Smart bastards called in sick.

  • The

    principal encourages the teachers to please try to pass more students

    and informs us that our current graduation rate is something like 50


  • A couple of teachers sitting next to you chat away during the entire meeting.
  • When you ask one of them to keep it down, he gives you the finger.
  • Someone asks the assistant principal about a recent code red. Very little information is shared.
  • You gather your

    materials and sneak out of the room, head up to the computer lab, where

    you spend the next two hours re-entering attendance for the dates you

    supposedly missed.

Click the links to read the entire entries. How did it go for you this time?

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