Tuesday Reading: Show Us The Numbers

As this piece makes clear, now everybody's claiming to have their own school violence study, but neither the ST or CPS has shown their numbers.  Show us the numbers!

Schools CEO vows closings will go on despite violence CST
Chicago Schools CEO Arne Duncan vowed Monday to press on with "tough
but necessary" closings of failing schools under Renaissance 2010,
despite any increase in high school violence that may have followed
those closures.

Update:  CPS has sent us their data for last year and this year until the end of January -- apparently the same data the CST is using.  Thanks to CPS.  Take a look here and see what you think (fixed!):

Download udcstatsbyhighschools_violence_0405.xls

Download violence_udc.HighSchools.0506YTD.xls

Also -- aren't violence stats usually done as incidents per population, not incidents per month?  Just a thought.

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