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State's poor, black students perform 'abysmally' on test Sun-Times
llinois' poor and black students score worse than most minority students nationally, a study shows, offering a rare glimpse of how Illinois' minority students stack up.

Writing skills now 'critical' at CPS Sun-Times
With new state writing tests debuting this spring, Chicago school officials now want writing skills to determine whether students will be promoted to the next grade.

Recess Request Chicagoist
If you asked Chicagoist to recall our top ten fondest memories from grade school, nine of them would come from recess. Not that we didn't like school, it's just that our best times came during our time off. That's just the way kids are. But perhaps having those good times mixed in with the academic parts of school encouraged us to submit to the hard work too. Why not do some phonics, we knew we always had some more playtime around the corner.

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