Tuesday Morning News [updated]

Arne Duncan on the Future of Education WBEZ

Chicago Public Radio’s Julia McEvoy talks with Chicago Public Schools CEO Arne Duncan about his plans for the future.

New middle school for Southwest SideCatalyst

New middle school to relieve overcrowding

Principals learning better time management Courier News

District 300 will be the sixth district in Illinois to launch SAM, joining Springfield, Normal, Indian Prairie, Danville and Chicago Public Schools.

Illinois looks to Arkansas for principal quality effort Catalyst


educators are looking to create a master credential for principals,

similar to what national board certification is for teachers.

Awards gala Chicago Sun-Times

The cash will enable the new campus to open next August and the school will be part of the Chicago Public Schools system. .

Obama Elementary Division Street

Columnists disagree over naming school after Obama.

UPDATE: Schools focus on "exceeding" ISAT scores Chi-Town Daily News, IL -

Seven years ago, less than 5 percent exceeded state standards in math

and science testing. This year, the math and science “exceeding”

results are at 14.9 and 8.3 percent, respectively.

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