Tuesday Morning News Roundup

Catholic schools move into new era Tribune
Speaking to 6,000 teachers and principals, the Chicago Catholic schools
superintendent on Monday outlined a plan for improving curriculum and
boosting revenue and said that the responsibility for educating
students has shifted from religious orders to lay people.

Former Chicago principal gets 20 years for child pornography Student Operated Press
Nurek was employed as a principal at the
Chicago International Charter Schools West Belden Campus when ICE
agents arrested him in March 2004 after executing a search warrant at
his Chicago residence.

When police tally gun deaths of teenagers up to age 19, the toll rises
to 48 deaths so far this year. Of those, 30 were gang-affiliated,
police records show.

Girl, 15, wounded in North Side shooting Chicago News
A 15-year-old girl was in good condition after she was shot inside her
residence late Tuesday on the North Side, Chicago police said this

Pro-LSC resolution passes Illinois House PURE Blog
In one more positive step for LSCs, House Joint Resolution 0071 was adopted on September 4.


payroll glitches hit retirees 

Movers descended on Marvin Nochowitz's house last week to haul the recently
retired Chicago teacher's belongings to a new home in South Carolina he and his
wife had saved for. But a CPS computer glitch has thrown his finances into


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  • I actually don't think you can blame Daley for the rise of organized street gangs. Heck they existed in the 60's before Daley and they cause havoc in a lot more cities than Chicago. But I do think that CPS needs to do something about violence in and around its schools. At the least, children who threaten or perpetrate violence against fellow students, or school staff or faculty ought to be expelled for the good of the rest of the school. It is not fair to the students at a school that the only chance they have for a less violent atmosphere where they aren't intimidated, threatened, harassed or beat is to go to a different school. This is the prime reason that neighborhood schools in some areas are the school of last resort where less than 50% of the neighborhood students enroll. It's also why these same schools tend to have difficulty recruiting staff.

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