Tuesday Morning News Roundup

Il_ct0724State may limit teachers' ability to strike Sun Times
A proposal is making the rounds in Springfield to make it harder for
Chicago teachers to vote to strike. Now, a deadlocked Chicago Teachers
Union could strike after it has tried mediation and given school
officials a 10-day notice.

Ministers seek more money for education Bloomington Pantagraph
On a day when the state’s three top Democrats were elsewhere, a group
of religious leaders came to Springfield on Monday to try to convince
lawmakers they should pay more toward Illinois schools.

Parsing Obama answer on sending ... Sun Times (Lynn Sweet)
Ok, this is a parsing Obama item, of perhaps special interest for
people who live in Hyde Park and Kenwood in Chicago. The debate
question was whether the candidates send their kids to private or
public schools. And my question is whether Obama, in his answer—he goes
on about how great some Chicago Public Schools are-- kind of wanted to
gloss over his reality: Obama sends his children to a private school.

Deerfield Teenagers Drink Alcohol Chicagoist

Call us pragmatic (or call us a ninny, if you like), but we don't really think that teenagers are going to stop drinking alcohol anytime soon. That's why we were not at all surprised when we read that three of the teens who were at that Deerfield party where the parents may have known kids were drinking were just arrested for — you guessed it — drinking.

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