Tuesday Morning News - Pensions, Pensions

Apparently, it's easier to get your pension if you're a sex offender than if you're a retired teacher:

Retired teachers stiffed Sun Times
Cheryl Casey is one of 1,600 CPS Chicago Public School teacher's who retired in June, and are getting incomplete penson checks because of a CPS payroll foul-up.

CPS teachers' pensions protected The Daily Journal
Because of an anomaly in the law, if Albaugh had spent his 29 years teaching with Chicago Public Schools rather than in rural Monticello, there would be no question that he would be able to keep his pension.

Limited English Students Face Tougher Test WBEZ
Nearly 60,000kids in Illinois who speak limited English will be forced to take the regular state achievement test next spring. The federal government says the alternative exam these students had been taking was too easy. But bilingual education teachers worry their students are being set up to fail and schools and districts fear they'll pay a heavy price too.

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