Tuesday Morning News (May 22)

10 schools will offer teachers merit pay Tribune
Chicago Public Schools will announce on Tuesday a plan to introduce staff
bonuses and beef up teacher training at Cameron and nine other hard-to-staff
schools -- including seven elementaries, one charter and one high school.

Teachers union chief: We're not afraid to walk Sun Times
Raising the specter of a teacher strike, newly re-elected Chicago
Teachers Union President Marilyn Stewart called on Chicago school
officials Monday to finally begin "serious and intensive" contract

Chicago Teachers Union Turns Focus To Contract WBEZ

newly re-elected head of the Chicago Teachers Union has promised her
members a pay raise, better health benefits and more job security.

Halting the Gunfire WBEZ

In the wake of a series of teen shootings in Chicago, epidemiologist Gary Slutkin discusses how changing attitudes can reduce gun violence.

 Teens restore minds as they restore schools
school auditorium smells of epoxy products. That's what hits you first.
Then the voices of teenagers who are gathered at the foot of the stage,
listening to a transistor radio, taking a break.

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