Tuesday Morning News: Arrests Down, Praise For NCLB, & More

Student arrests drop Tribune
Reforms at schools such as Steinmetz
helped fuel a 13 percent drop in the number of students arrested in
Chicago public schools last year, the same year the district faced
intense scrutiny from parents for "criminalizing" student misconduct
such as fights and talking back to the staff.

NCLB Earns Praise From Chicago Wall Street Journal
Regarding your Oct. 31 editorial "Spellings Exemptions" on the federal
tutoring program under No Child Left Behind: Education Secretary
Margaret Spellings should be warmly applauded for making a
bureaucratically complex and demanding law more practical and useful
for large urban districts like Chicago. [anyone who has access please send the rest of the letter or who it's from]

Education: More A's, More Pay Newsweek
Meet the fourth R: reading, 'riting, 'rithmeticand a reward.

Public Storage sold my stuff: suit Sun Times
As a graduate student at Harvard University, then during 11 years' teaching in the Chicago Public Schools, Maria Griffith compiled file after file of teaching ...

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