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Police involved in shooting inside elementary school Sun Times

14-year-old boy who allegedly pointed a firearm at Chicago police was
shot by an officer inside a Pilsen neighborhood elementary school that
he and a 13-year-old boy allegedly broke into Monday morning.

CPS summer school kicks off ABC7

Three hundred and fifty city public schools are now open for the summer session.

Chicago Layoffs Loom to Help Fill Budget Gap EdWeek

of the Chicago public schools say they'll lay off 500 employees within
the next few weeks and another 500 over the next year to help fill a
budget shortfall.

Deal to save city jobs likely, union chief says Sun Times

Federation of Labor President Dennis Gannon predicted Monday that
organized labor would agree to a painful package of cost-cutting
concessions that would save the jobs of 1,504 city employees targeted
for layoffs.

Chicago charter schools fare well in new study but charters nationwide don'tSunTimes

charters look pretty good in a new study by the Center for Research on
Education Outcomes at Stanford University. But the study gives charters
nationwide a bit of a black eye.

CPS cash-for-good-grades project likely done ABC7

The so-called "Paper Project" was started last
fall at 20 Chicago high schools.

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