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Exhibit honors 32 slain CPS students Sun Times
A package of gum, pencils and rulers; school books and glue. A bag of Ruffles. Binders and markers. A sweat shirt tossed casually over the back of a chair and a book bag slung there. Shoes tucked under the seat.

New York Defends Much-Criticized School Grades NYT
Mr. Liebman met with school officials from Chicago, which releases its own school “score cards,” and Denver, which is developing its own rating system.

Woodlawn residents are fighting move Tribune
Both sides agree that something dramatic has to be done to improve living conditions at Grove Parc Plaza, a 40-year-old development near 60th Street and Cottage Grove Avenue and just south of the University of Chicago campus.

Respecting Teachers EdWeek
David McGrath reflects on his years teaching in Chicago's "war zone."

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