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Cops question teen accused of trying to bring loaded gun to South ... Tribune

Chicago police were questioning a 16-year-old student who attempted to

bring a loaded handgun into the Bowen High School campus on the South

Side on Monday, officials said.

Simple sign helps concerned schools Tribune

The signs went up at the beginning of the school year at 40 schools at

all levels, ratcheting up punishment by charging violators with

misdemeanor trespassing.

Marran: No Child Left Behind Act means more soldiers, but fewer ... Statesman

Because of concerns over the

frequency of visits and their duration, the actions of the Chicago

schools are typical of many urban districts across the country trying

to restrain the military's reach into the everyday schedules of the


Howard Tullman provides business lesson in running for-profit schoolsChicago Tribune:

January 14

Serial entrepreneur Howard Tullman believes education can be run like a

business: profitably. Although schools traditionally have operated as

non-profits, the growth of for-profit companies is spurring more

interest in profitable educational ventures.

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