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Students escorted back to high school after shooting Chicago Tribune

Only 53 percent of the school's 1,400 students were in class,

said Chicago Public Schools spokesman Mike Vaughn, similar to the 55

percent attendance averaged in the week between the shooting and spring


Crane half full despite escortCrane half full despite escort Chicago Sun-Times

Rosita Anderson was on a train traveling home from work March 7 when her daughter -- crying ...

School’s Attendance Still Low, Security Tight WBEZ


than two weeks after a student’s murder nearby, many parents are

keeping their kids home from Chicago’s Crane High School. We report

from our West Side bureau.

CPS appointments face court test

Chi-Town Daily News


because the Board of Education voted last year to allow CPS chief Arne

Duncan to appoint council members at alternative schools, small schools

and ...

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