Tuesday Morning News

Students Return to DuSable Campus WBEZ


officials at Chicago Public Schools insist the DuSable campus is safe

enough for teachers and students to return today. But they haven’t been

able to find the gun two teenagers used to blast their way into the

empty school early Sunday.

Home from Iraq, now he can't go to class Chicago Sun-Times

Mortar fire didn't stop Army Reservist

Eriberto Vazquez from working airport security in Iraq...

$50 Computers Spark Learning Chicago Tribune

Games invite children to read words on the screen into a built-in

microphone. They can listen as the computer reads the same simple

sentence and plays back their own voice reading the sentence. Other

games require use of spelling and math skills to win.

Threats shut 2 more colleges Chicago Sun-Times

No Chicago Public Schools have

been closed over the last year because of any threatening messages, a

spokesman said. "The lesson is that threats have to be...

Film helps bullies learn their lesson Chicago Tribune

A Chicago native, Smith is familiar with the violence that has killed 23 Chicago Public Schools students this year. She believes that addressing bullying...

Student Murder Numbers Not Publicized In Other Cities WBBM780

Each time a Chicago Public Schools student is murdered, we hear how many students have been killed that year. But, the same use of numbers is not done in...

Security company pulls guards from East Chicago schools Journal and Courier

East Chicago police are patrolling the city's schools after security guards failed to show up for work, ...

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