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Chicago's Shootings Plague Youth ABC News

Last week, 14-year-old Ulysses Simmons became the 27th Chicago public school student to die violently since the school year began in September.

12-year-old wins car for perfect attendance Chicago Tribune

A Chicago Public Schools student had perfect attendance during the last school year. For her record, Ashley Martinez won a new Dodge Caliber. ...

Winner of CPS car giveaway can't drive yet Chicagoist


Public Schools officials gave away a car Monday to a student with

perfect attendance for a three-month portion of the school year.

Jesse Jr. packs 'em in for N'Digo gala Sun-Times

Honorees chosen for their "style and substance" were Johnson Publishing

matriarch Eunice Johnson (who was unable to attend), WFLD-Channel 32's Wanda Wells, the Rev. Helen Carry, Chicago Teachers Union president Marilyn Stewart and advertising maven Carol H. Williams.

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